7 Day Time Management Course

Oh my goodness I am so excited about my newest course that I have created.  My 7 day time management course is my own personal strategy for managing my team and my time while balancing my duties as a wife and mom.  

I created this course because I meet women all the time who struggle with productivity or are wasting time on activities that are not moving their businesses forward. I can remember so vividly feeling the same way when I started.

I was wasting time scrolling social media to "get ideas" or "be inspired".  I was distracted by non business building activities and I was connected to my phone and laptop 24/7 with NO boundaries.  I was making my husband resent my business and no one was getting the best of me.  Everyone was getting what was left over and it wasn't very pretty!  I burned out and I hit rock bottom.  But, the great part is that I learned from the mistakes I made and now I'm here to teach them to you so that you can grow from it.

So I am really excited to share my tips on time blocking, on setting priorities, getting buy in from your significant other, eliminating distractions, taking ownership and evaluating your progress.  Plus hiring help, delegation and more!!!  

There are so many relevant topics related to managing your time that I could go on and on!  So let's dive in and work together through this 7 day course to help you get started on your path to greater success.  


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